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eliza della
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Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
10:56 am
just to chat
I was reminiscing about high school and old friends and realized just how many of them were boys! And I probably had a crush on all of them at one point or another, even if only for a day. I’m married now, I have a beautiful baby girl who is walking and “talking” and so interested in the world, thinking about starting baby number two, and how long ago high school really was. I miss that phase when nothing really mattered and your biggest fear was getting caught. I like real life, but I miss those days.
Monday, September 15th, 2008
7:50 pm


(and i learned in one of my classes, "history of the book" that it is harder to read in all caps than it is in small caps, and that serif is easier to read than sans-serif, so i'll write it again)...

i'm having a baby in 48 days!!!!

p.s. i don't know if i mentioned it, but i did finally graduate from BYU this spring. it only took 5 years, but i was working part-time to pay for tuition. i'm the only one of my siblings who has paid their way through school--mostly. i paid tuition, they paid rent, and misc. of course, i did get married after three years of college, so my parents stopped paying for rent, but i had my husband, so...rent still got paid by other than my money.

i graduated with a BS of arts, majoring in the English Language (basically linguistics, and not anything at all similar to an English major).

so, i probably posted all this same stuff already, but i don't remember, and i forgot to read my last post to avoid redundencies. oh well. i enjoyed hearing about josh's "joke," googling "redundency" 75 times...

anyway, my little girl, whom i call squigley, is perfect so far; every measurement they've taken is "normal, and we like normal around here." i haven't even been terribly uncomfortable, and i'm 8 months pregnant. no swelling feet, no exhaustion, no real back pain. i've just barely started to get stretch marks though, and i'm bummed about that. i knew i'd get them, since i have some already, but i'd gone this long without getting them and i was starting to think that maybe i'd be lucky and avoid them. at least they're still small.

i'm working at Little Caesars here in saratoga springs, UT, where we just bought a house. we love the house! my job's really lame though, especially since i just graduated from college, but they're the only place who called me back! i only needed a job for two months, and i figured a pizza place would take me for that short a time. just don't tell anyone, 'cause i'm a little embarrassed about it.

well, that's my update for now. i'm also on facebook, where i have a few pics up.

later 'gator
Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
10:06 pm
Baby Time!
well, i guess it's high time i told all my old friend that...

i'm having a BABY GIRL in november!

and she's really cute, according to the ultrasound. she was sucking on her fingers and kickin up a storm, and we got to watch her wiggle for 20 minutes! it was so exciting! we can't wait to meet her! i'm currently 20 weeks preggers (which means 4.5 months), and everything is going well.

on a completely seperate note, since leaving for utah five years ago, my hair had grown quite long with no mom to cut it, and i have had very few haircuts in that time. as a result, my hair was halfway down my back at the beginning of the year. i never thought my hair would ever be that long. this february, i chopped it all off and donated it to locks of love, and now it is barely to my chin. i sent in 14 inches of braided eliza hair. i really think short hair suits me better, though my husband liked it better long.

um, that's about it. oh yeah, i did finally graduate, they've sent me my diploma and everything! and we're going to try to buy a house this year too. it will be in utah, sadly, but it's close to family, and apart from the accent, and the heat, and the cold, and the dryness, it's nice here.

i'm always surprised that i remember my username and password everytime i log on, since i'm so consistant in my updating...

see you all in about five months!
Thursday, January 17th, 2008
6:42 pm
'nother semester
this is the end of my second week of the last semester of college that i will ever attend. i am so ready to be done.
Sunday, October 14th, 2007
12:09 pm
well, after 16 months of practice, we're almost ready for the real thing. we're giving it a few more months to perfect our techniques, and by february we'll be all set to start making babies for real! why february? i don't really know, it just turned out that way. i'm so excited! i've started taking my pre-natal vitamins already! and since my hair is so freaking long now (and it's just going to get longer with the vitamins), next summer i'm chopping it off and donating it to locks of love. i think it's going to feel so good to get rid of my mane. my hair comes down to my elbows in the back...almost. about 1/2 an inch shorter.

anywho, i just wanted to tell people the pre-news.

Thursday, August 30th, 2007
5:13 pm
school starts soon!
i refrained from titling this entry "long time no see" or "it's been a while" since it seems like all my entries have been called that for the last two to four years. everytime i log in it's several months since the last time. i do have internet at my apartment now, but it's only on my husband's laptop, and only when he's home and feels like getting it out. and his company pays for it so we don't know if i can just be on it for as long as i like.

nothing's really that new. still living in the same apartment, still working the same job (BYU Vending). my family sold the house in texas and is moving to inner mongolia at the end of september. my dad's already there with a house and everything. we might get to fly out to visit them next summer. that would be cool.

i've started going to Gold's gym to be healthier and fit. it's pretty fun, i like it. my hair is linger than it's ever been in my life. if my arms are down it's to my elbows. i really like it, but i also want to cut it. maybe i'll cut it next summer or something, let it be long over winter. i took my last chinese class this summer, and all the return missionaries in the class managed to convert my teacher and baptize her, which was really neat. i only have two semesters to go before i graduate, three classes per (plus choir) and then i'm done. i have a deal with dave, that if i can get mostly A's this comming semester (which starts tuesday) then we can start trying for a baby at the beginning of next semester, so sometime around february! i'm really excited about that, since i'll admit i've been a bit baby hungry the last few months, especially since it seems everyone around me is either having or has had a baby. my bestr friend estee had a baby a month ago tomorrow, and he's just the cutest thing. every time i visit her (which is quite a bit) i want one of my very own. before i just wanted to be pregnant, knowing that i was going to be having a baby, and telling people that i was, and looking pregnant. i still want all that, but now i want the baby part too. i want to be a mom and start a family.
Friday, November 3rd, 2006
11:36 am
hi again
i kinda forgot about my LJ for a couple months there. just letting you all know that i'm still here. i was trying to find a short piece of text to use for a linguistics class, but there's just too much to look through and i'm getting distracted by wanting to read everything.

anyway, i haven't forgotten about you guys, i promise. life's good. i'll graduate april '08 so i have 3 semesters left. no i'm not having a baby, even though i'm mormon. we're waiting til i'm done with school.

will someone post a comment? even if it doesn't say anything? i just want to know that i still have other friends. does anyone ever think about me sometimes?

later 'gator
Monday, March 27th, 2006
8:19 pm
3 Doors Down

no, i'm not going to england anytime soon, i just heard this song on the radio today (for the first time) and it reminded me of something sad that i just learned might happen.

dave's engineering/construction company Tetra-tech just got the government funding for their fiber optic stuff project, but the problem is, the government won't let the same company engineer and construct the project (cause they could engineer it to be more expensive and stuff). since his company is mostly an engineering company, it means that the engineers don't have much to do anymore. dave happens to be one of the engineers...sort of. he's mostly an engineer, and the head of the CAD department.

his boss loves him though and values dave as a good hard worker and is going to make sure he still has a job with them. dave's been paranoid about losing his job, but i know he'll be fine. he's too valuable.

the bad news for me though, is the offer his boss made. "how would you and one of the engineers like to go to other states to work on projects? not a permanent move, just week long trips to other cities and states. sometimes more than a week?"

i don't know when this will start, but dave thinks it's the best option. he'll get more training and better pay than if he gets a new job. i just don't want to be a newly wed and have my husband gone all the time. i know i'll go to bed crying every time. i don't want to tell my mom or estee; they already don't want me marrying him. this will just prove their point, somehow. (estee is getting married this summer too, to Lee Ragsdale. he went to mckinney).

my dad was telling me that when he and my mom first got married he had to travel to some city in china while they lived in hong kong or something, and stay more than a week at a time. i told myself i was lucky because i wouldn't have to worry about that, and told myself it would never happen to me.

i guess i was wrong.

Current Mood: sad
Monday, March 6th, 2006
5:47 pm
ok, remember how i said i was getting married on march 10? well, that's 4 days away, and about a month ago we changed it to may 26 because it was too hard to fly my dad out in march.

so, for all who care, it's now MAY 26, 4:20 p.m. in Salt Lake City Utah, and that's the final date. no more changing.

i hope i have more time later to check everyone's journals again!
Monday, January 16th, 2006
6:35 pm
i edited my last entry about the dress description.

ALSO, if anyone wants an invitation/announcement (for sentimental value, even if you know you aren't going to come) please give me your address! (and your name, just so i spell it right!!!)

like i mentioned before, only my family will actually be able to go to the actual wedding ceremony, but there's always the reception. or being there when we come out of the Temple. it's going to be March 10 around 2:00 (which is a friday). i can hardly wait!
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
9:53 pm

i found my wedding dress today!!! it's basically the first one i tried on. since my aunt Kari and my mom are making it (my mom made my prom dress--gorgeous) it isn't going to be exactly the one i tried on, it's going to have sleeves etc. and it's a combination of the first and second dresses i tried on. it's more the first dress than the second dress though because it's the first dress's shape and the second dress's lace. it's so pretty!!! and it makes me look skinny, which is the important thing.


dress detailsCollapse )

i'm so excited!!! i think i'm gonna look hott. and we've pretty much decided that it's going to be in dallas in march. so any of you OU people should be able to come if you want. just let me know! just a heads up, none of you will be able to come to the actual wedding ceremony, as it is going to be in an LDS temple, but there's the reception and all that, and i'm going to look dang hot.

thats all. i'm just excited. now lets see if my lj cut worked.

Monday, January 2nd, 2006
8:32 pm
i just ate a piece of stale jerky. it was disgusting. very hard and crunchy, and i hope i never have the misfortune of eating a piece again.

dave left today, and i'm sad. the two of us and my parents had a discussion over when and where to have the wedding. mom's vote: texas in may. my vote: utah in march.
the obvious compromise: utah in may or texas in march. we have still not reached a conclusion. my mom wants may more than she cares where it is, and i want march more than i want to have it in utah. sure, finantially and everything it works out best for everyone in may--everyone except dave and me that is. we want to have sex, plain and simple, and we can't until we get married. chosen not to until we get married would be more correct. that's not the only reason we want to get married, of course, but that's our most compelling reason for having it in march. we get frustrated with each other and upset because we both know were getting too close to crossing the line and the only way to stop is to get mad. it sucks.
Friday, December 16th, 2005
6:45 pm
and i'm almost done! yup, 6:45 friday night, the last day of finals, and i'm one of the few that still has one. not by choice, mind you. it was scheduled for 7-10 p.m. so i have 15 minutes until it starts. i'm waiting for my mom to email me my flight itinerary! i think my flight leaves at 10:50 a.m. for Omaha, by way of Denver. the fam is driving up to omaha tomorrow and meeting josh and me there. we're going to visit mary's mission! it'll be so exciting for her, it makes me smile to think about it.

MY DAD IS BACK FROM CHINA!!!! i no longer wish death upon the masses of beijing.

but he's only back until january 12 or so. :( but atleast mary gets to see him and dave gets to meet him. i think it will be a great success, he and dave meeting and all that.

my hands are totally nasty from this crappy dry weather here! they are scratchy and rough and cut and split. they hurt. i think texas will be good for them.

ok, 6 minutes until my final starts. i'm still waiting for my itinerary!

5 minutes.

it takes at least three to walk there. i can be late, because i have until
(4 minutes) 10 to take it, but i'm going to dave's house (3 minutes) afterwards to watch a movie (2 minutes--i keep going back to my email to see if it's been sent, i don't actually type this slowly, and (1 min) i was printing a paper.)

well, i'm gonna wrap this up! see you guys next week!
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
9:14 pm
"FUNNER" isn't a Word?
hello all! i'm writing a paper about the use of "funner." i think it is a work, because when people use it, everyone understands that it means something is/was/will be "more fun" than something else. also, fun is also an adjective, not just a noun as it used to be. i couldn't find any examples of it as an adjective in the OED but it has become one. http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-fun1.htm explains why. it's cool.

so funner is a word


funner isn't a word

support your claim! (p.s. the paper is due tomorrow (friday dec. 9) by 5:00!!!!--but it doesn't matter if i get feedback by then, i would like to know your opinions anyway.

this goes especially to...

DONNA...MING? sorry if i got that wrong
STEPHANIE D. (duble?)

and anyone else who is english savvy or smart or likes to argue. sorry if i didn't put your name on the list, i can't think fast enough of who else is on my friends list.

thanks guys!!!

Current Mood: geeky
6:37 pm
i didn't post at all in october or november? that's what LJ says at least. i thought i posted once at least...

anyway, october:i was a biker for hallowe'en. so was dave. it was from super troopers. i dressed up with my spandex shorts, backpack, helmet, gloves etc. dave wore his leather motorcycle jacket and boots with chains and spikes and all that jazz. it was awesome.

november: i went to idaho for thanksgiving with my cousins beth and billy, and my bro josh, and dave. went up the the Rozsa's house. i love their house, it's so awesome.

i'm supposed to be writing my paper on "Funner" that's due tomorrow that i haven't started.

this week i had two six page papers due and 4 one page papers due, and last week i had a test i needed to study for monday and tuesday, and one of the 1 page papers to write, wednesday take the test, thursday a dress rehearsal for the concert that took up my whole weekend. plus my family was in town until monday. two saturday performances, plus getting ready time, so i was completely booked and couldn't do a single thing about the surplus of papers i had.

this monday: wrote a one pager (also had dinner with another apartment)
tuesday:wrote the handouts for my presentation on "Funner" for my modern american usage class and started and wrote the rought draft of the 6 pager for my eternal marriage and family class (byu requires alot of religion credits)
wednesday: gave the presentation. finished the 6 pager at dave's house
thursday (today): turned in the paper and took the final for that religion class (the marriage one). also did my chinese oral exam which was talking for 5 minutes infront of the class about either food, clothing, travel, apartments or movies. i drew food so that's what i talked about. also, finished the last two 1 pagers which were also for the marriage and family class and started the paper on "Funner" (the presentation was supposed to present by paper and research on the use of Funner and why it supposedly isn't a word.)


but i still have to turn in the paper on funner by 5:00 tomorrow. and i still have work from 7-11.

next week:

no finals monday
modern american usage test tuesday
no finals wednesday
chinese final thursday, and a 300 word essay about what i did over thanksgiving break due (in chinese)
friday: Old Testament final, and a paper about parallelisms etc. in the O.T. from genesis to...i can't remember, but it stops before isaiah, so i can't use that, which sucks. basically all of isaiah is parallelisms. i just have to find examples of the different types and a sentence for each saying why it's that type of parallelism.

but my mom wants josh and me to fly home that friday because we're driving to winter quarters, nebraska on saturday to see where mary served her mission, because my dad will be there, and he hasn't been home since May. mary still hasn't seen him, so we're taking a family trip. so i may need to ask if i can move my O.T. final to an earlier day.

and anytime during the week that i want i have my semantics and pragmatics exam which is going to kill me. that class is hard!

and i don't know if i'm passing chinese this semester. if i am i probably have a D- or something, which sucks. i hate that class. first of all, when i got back from china some of the old feelings i had when i first moved to the states came back and all the kids in my chinese class annoyed the crap out of me because they were all excited about chinese, and wanted to go there, or had served their missions in Hong Kong and wanted to learn mandarin. stupid americans. so i got behind because of my attitude problem, and then i got over the attitude about two weeks into the class, maybe three, and by that time i was behind, so i resented it and couldn't get caught up so i got discouraged and lost all motivation. THEN, with the whole my-dad's-in-china thing. i feel so sad for him, and if i think too much about it i'll probably cry, because he's all alone in that stupid country (no offense donna) and he's old, he turned 60 this summer, his oldest daughter got married this summer and had a baby boy and he hasn't seen him or his daughter since she got married, nor could anyone in the family go because it was in Spain. then mary got back from her mission and he hasn't seen her yet, and i've been gone for four months exactly, so he's had no one except people from church, and they all live far away. ALSO is the issue that since his position is now beijing based instead of dallas based, he is subject to chinese taxes, and they take 45% of his income. yeah, that's almost half, you read it right. so we're selling the house in texas and moving here to a smaller place, until my mom and abraham and possibly mary all move down to beijing. claire got accepted to BYU so she'll be coming here in the fall. AND because of the money thing my mom doesn't want me to get married until after the house is sold. actually, she doesn't want me to get married at all in the next three years at least. she's settled for May though, and says i can't get married before then because it's in the middle of school and no one will be able to come except her. my dad will be here in May, so i shouldn't make him come out twice because it's real expensive. she also says i need to get married in Dallas, which is only convenient for 6 people, and that i can't get married in utah because that's "just mean" even though it's more convenient for EVERY ONE ELSE!!!

so, we're getting married March 10 in the Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. not dallas, and not in May. we'll just have to work it out for my dad. i don't want him to miss it. if it weren't for the whole china think we'd be getting married in january.

so, lately i've been on an I HATE CHINA streak, and it won't last, i know. i'm just fed up with the whole thing and china is easy to blame. but i don't dislike chinese people outside of china, as long as they have nothing to do with my dad being over there. otherwise i'd hate them too.

i should be doing my paper now. i;ve neem writing this whole paragraph with my eues cclosed. i think i've gotten better at typing . bot that i'm good at itm i'm just better than i used to be. i;m a luttke tired. m u eues are slitll closed. i;'ve een writing oaoers all week and i;m sick of ir; i want them all to go away. p.s. this is the laptop that dave build for me with his beother. tjeu had three that didn't worl and they pit this one together from them. i think i want to pit a little more memory on it. it takes along time to boo up and turn on but i don't think tha's the problem. alsothe speakers dont work too great, gut that doesn't gother me all that much. i realllt really ought to be writing my research paper on funner. i;m goint to starte a ner paragraph now, and that one is going o be with my eues open, looking at the screen. thank you for your cooperation and patiemce

wow, that wasn't too bad! i was expecting alot worse! still get l and k and y and u and i and o mixed up. and e and r and e and w.

alright, paper time. i'm going to post an opinion board on the use of funner right after this because i don't think a whole lot of you are goint to read this whole long thing. see you all in texas!!!

Current Mood: drained
Friday, September 30th, 2005
1:55 pm
GUESS WHAT!!!?? some of you might know already, but...

DAVE PROPOSED! he took me to Bridalveil Falls (as a kidding cliche--which i didn't catch 'cause i was thinking 'bridlevale--and because it's pretty and there's a bike path there we're gonna ride in a couple weeks) and we walked around a bit, and on the way back to the car we walked across a bridge and he stopped halfway across and we looked for a bit at the mountains with the pretty fall colors and the little river/stream/creek that was under us. then he pulled out the little white (in this case white) box that the fuzzy black (in most cases black) box comes in, and said (playing with the box near the edge of the rail), "well, seeing as we're at Bridalveil Falls..." and proceded to drop the box in the water. of course i thought it was a joke, but then he had this look on his face and i wasn't sure anymore, and i apparently got some look on my face after that 'cause he started laughing and said "that was mean of me but you should've seen your face." so he appologized and pulled out the fuzzy black box and said something like, "i wanted to ask if you would (or will) marry me." it's so bad of me to not remember what he said! i guess i wasn't paying attention cause i was distracted by my ring! which is gorgeous, by the way. i said yes and made him put in on my finger, especially since he didn't get down on one knee, which i'm ok with. it was a publicish place and would've been awkward if someone decided to walk by. the ring fits perfectly too. i picked it out from a picture but had never seen it in person so i knew it was going to still be a bit of a surprise. it's yellow gold, because i wanted to be a bit different and a tiny bit oldfashioned and because gold is celestial. it's got a brilliant cut (or round cut, same thing), not quite a 3/4 ct diamond in the center, slightly raised, and three tiny tiny ones on each side, in parallel diagonal lines, and looks really elegant. it's definitely noticable.

so, to all of you to just skim LJ posts, I'M ENGAGED!

this all happened last saturday, the 24th. it's taken me about a week to get the time to write, so, sorry about that 'all. (that was an abreviation of y'all, cause i don't say y'all)

we decided on early january, before school starts again. don't have an actual date yet, but the Bishop has given his ok for early january. he actually said late january but did you have a request and dave said i wanted to get married before school started and i'm pretty sure he said ok to it. i'm so excited! i love him so much.

i told my mom on sunday. won't go into detail. everyone (both of you) who knows my mom and have had experience being on the receiving end of her dislike of my boyfriends, you know that it didn't go over that well. but it wasn't a shock to her; she knew we were thinking about it. (not that she didn't like you guys, she thought you were nice boys, she just didn't like me dating you.)

so that's my life. any questions?
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
5:37 pm
man, i have no motivation for this class this semester. well, that's a lie. i want to get a good grade and do my work, but not to learn the language per se or "come to appreciate their culture". i just don't want to give up because it's hard. and i need the credits. and i don't want to take math. and i need a foreign language for my major, though it's supposed to be one relevant to english. maybe they won't notice...
it's really consuming my life again. or it will, once i start doing the work.

i love all my classes (with the exception of chinese, of course). semantics and pragmatics is a bit hard conceptually, but the work load is good. modern american usage is useful and interesting, again with a good work load (which means not too much of a work load). my old testament class is awesome! the teacher studies hebrew and helped translate the dead-sea scrolls. marriage and family life is a religion credit, and i think it will be helpful, especially since i'm getting married in a few months. (not engaged yet, but i plan to be by the end of the month, or the beginning of october. we've picked out the ring though! his too. more on that later.) and then i'm back in women's chorus. i'm really excited about that; i love choir. i've had a crappy sore throat since school started though, and i wake up at 5:40 to get to work on time.

i don't remember if i've mentioned it already or not, but oh well. i work in vending. from 7-11 i re-stock vending machines in the dorms and some on campus. melissa and i (my old roommate) work together switching off who gets to drive the straight truck. it's a 20-25 minute walk from my place, but the weather isn't bad yet so i don't mind doing it, and i rather enjoy the excercise. i smell the rest of the day though cause it's hard to run here and it gets hot. and my knee is bruised from banging snack bins against it. but anyway, i actually don't get up til 5:45 or so, maybe 5:50, but if i want breakfast i need to get up at 20 til, and leave by 6:30. so i'm booked from 7 to 2, when i finally get a lunch break. i'm too cheap to spend money on the vending machines that often. every once-in-a-while we get to take broken food, but that hasn't happened too much yet. but i like it, it's a good job.

well, that's me! i'm gonna go home now and study my dialogue for my chinese class tomorrow. stupid dialogue, i hate it so much!
Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
3:33 pm
thursday (Aug. 11): i flew in to utah, barely making it to all of my flights. when i finally saw dave i was a little nervous. i had told him earlier not to wait by the escalator cause i didn't want to see him from the top floor and have to stand and wait to go down patiently. and seeing him and not being able to do anything about it was going to be anti-climatic for me.

but he wanted to see me sooner, so he went and waited there anyway. and what happened? i could see him the whole way down and by the time i got to him i was nervous and didn't rush and hug him like i had wanted to, and because of that he didn't get to kiss me the way i know he had wanted to. he was a little...shy isn't the right word, and neither is nervous. apprehensive? not quite that either. what ever it was, he was that too. we both felt it but i was trying to hide it better by pointing it out to him. and he said well of course! i haven't seen you for 3 and a half months! by the time we were halfway home though things were closer to normal, and by the time we got to his apartment all normality was back. we didn't make out nearly as much as one would have expected, which is good.

his first surprise: he and his brother had stripped three dead laptops and created one that worked! it's not the fastest, but it serves it's purpose, which is so i can do my homework at his place and at home and at school without having to switch computers and save and move files all the time. i was so surprised! i had guessed maybe he'd built a bike for me or something, but i didn't see this one coming at all!

played on it a bit, then we headed out to his brother's place so we could ride up with them to idaho for the reunion, and also so he could show me his second surprise; the mountain bike. red, full suspension (i think that's what it's called) and the gears shift real nicely. alot of other nice parts too, i just don't know what they're called or why they make the bike so good, but they are there too, and the bike is real good. oh, really good brakes too, they work super well. we loaded up and headed out.

got there late, went to bed, and the next day...MOUNTAIN BIKING!!! my first time! we didn't know where the trails were so most of it was just down the bumpy, gravely, dirt road, which is good, as it was my first time and all; i got the chance to get used to the bike and a little bit of some easy trails. i'm excited! i just know this is something i'm really going to enjoy, once i get the hang of it and become a bit more adventurous and experienced.

his family was funny, they kept making jokes along the lines of "they're not married yet" (when we hadn't told the uncle we were anything but dating) or "i'll help you two get engaged."

all in all it was a great weekend. dave and i got to have a "vacation" before school starts and we're both busy with work and school. i sometimes feel like we're already married and then i get frustrated when i remember that we're not. five and a half months. i can wait that long for him.
3:17 pm
well, jeff i've seen how you have been "obsessed" (not really) about your bike and all, but i have to tell you, i got you beat.
don't ask me to prove it because i don't know the technicalities of why mine's the best, i just know that it is. it's a mountain bike though, and without checking what you've said about your bike, i don't remember what kind of bike you said you're building, but i didn't think it was a mountain bike. so it mightn't be a very good comparison, but maybe relative to to best of each kind of bike mines closer.

unless you are building a mountain bike too, then mine's an easy win. dave gave me his old bike! it isn't old, he's just getting a new one because that one is a little small for him. plus he wanted me to have one so we could go biking together.
Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
10:05 pm
i flew home friday night from beijing. the airport was a little confusing and i went all by myself. the good news is that i didn't do anything wrong or get lost; everything went smoothly. and my bags weren't overweight! i got to the terminal just in time and had an empty seat next to me on the plane, which i'm sooo glad about. it would have really sucked if there were three people in the row. i would've been even better if i was the only one on my row but that didn't happen.

changed planes in chicago, and had a 4 hour layover, but the lines for customs and security were so long that i only had to wait a little less than two hours. i'd taken dramamine earlier for the long 13 hour flight and the effects hadn't worn off so i was really tired and wanted to sleep. i felt so out of it and the building felt like it was moving. i slept on that plane too and landed at 10:30 at night. got home late and went to bed and slept the whole night and late into the morning. so far i haven't had any jet lag! it's amazing! i've slept through every night without waking up though i've stayed up real late (2-4 a.m.) reading harry potter, and stayed awake all day without feeling tired, except today because i ran out of adderall and got in an argument with my mom so i had two headaches. despite my two hour nap today, i'll still be tired enough to sleep the whole night.

i'm going to seminary with claire in the morning bright and early at 5:50 and then going to track with her and working out. then we're coming home for breakfast with mary for her birthday and then going to a movie. i hope i'll be able to find time to lay out a bit and get a little sun. hopefully it won't rain. then we're having mary's b-day party and i don't know what after that, but i should go to bed early so i can wake up at 3:30 and get ready to leave for the airport by 4:15. my flight is at 6:00, stops in houston then california and then utah. i land an 12:30 and see dave hopefully less than 10 minutes later. I'M SO EXCITED!!! I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE HIM!!!

other than that, i have't seen any friends from school, only people in church. and JEFF! YOU LOSER! (not really) you were supposed to be in texas!!! it's ok though, as long as you didn't do it on purpose. i'm a little bummed, but i figure i'll see you eventually.

hope every one had a good summer and starts off school smoothly.
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